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Vicky's current status: Taking a break but she'll be back soon.

It is so exciting to buy a property as a dreamed home or an investment, or sell a property so that you can advance to the next adventurous endeavor. As a home owner, I also understand how complex and time-consuming the entire process is - selection, documents, contracts, mortgage, bankers, lawyers, inspectors, down payment, and Board interview if COOP. A good deal may just slip if you are not on top of every step. A diligent real estate agent is definitely a good help. I had one such agent when I purchased my home, and I want to be one so that you will be informed of exactly what to do from the beginning of selecting your favorite through closing.

With technology, we can do real estate better nowadays. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from New York University. I will utilize all available tools to provide the best service to you and help you fulfill your best interests. I am also an amateur photographer. A picture is worth a few hundred words. It is especially true in real estate. Look forward to working with you and seeing your dream come true.




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